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Bee1313 How are you carrying out now ? are you still loosing your hair??? That is my large problem,I much too was told to decrease my dosage as a result of extreme hair loss,together with other side achievable side effects but head aches are by now coming back And that i am frightened the weight will way too but The very last thing I need is to be BALD!

gerri381 How long do I need to be on topamax to working experience weight loss? I have been on 200mg for two days..

scs59 Hi, I used to be on Depakote for 8yrs and tried using all sorts of diets to now avail. When I ended up getting my psych medicines improved I lost about 28lbs in 3mos! I had been placed on Topamax for Migraines as well as a seizure I had.

JennyLynn7786 There is really a rationale Topamax is known as Dopamax by doctors.  It took me 3 yrs to see why I'd suddenly lost my short term memory and couldn't focus.  It absolutely was like I had been in the fog continuously.  The most significant issue will not be being able to bear in mind phrases.

Very little dieting was included besides the exclusion of soda And that i started out walking twice a week (albeit sporadically, for being straightforward about it...) for probably twenty-half-hour at a time. So, not A lot in just how of training both.

..I exploit to consume tea but now it can be h2o constantly,,but now I have to return lead to they stated I lose weight to fast n they r worried,,but hope everything works for u,,induce they do work on my problems n it feels good for after to wake up with no complications,,ooh It really is much better if u take them at night time result in it works much better n ur not as weary during the day when u take them during the day,,hope tht helps u.... ..clearly show

Lab0926 I came right here to locate information regarding Topamax right before I decided if I need to take it for weight loss. Prior to now I were successful at losing weight on weight watchers. Over the final 5 years I've get 50lbs and nothing at all I do diet wise has help. I lose about 4-5 Ibs the almost nothing a lot more. I grow to be so frustrated and ashamed about my weight. I utilized to have migraines when I was in my 20's, but I had been never prescribed everything for them.

windbourne I have been on lortab for my back and also ambien and Xanax. My new Dr. needs my to try Topamax top rated diet pills that work as he feels have despair. I am extremely unsatisfied acquiring moved towards the deep south. I gained forty five pounds while dwelling right here and barely leaving the house. So he's improved me into the Ambien CR and additional Topamax which is wanting me with the lortab. I'm off them but boy what an terrible experience, diarrhea, weak spot, and so on. After i seemed up over the comp. it reported Topamax for seizures and migraines. Nicely, I have never had possibly of These. He also mentioned I was not to bother with coming from the lortab as Panicking me thought I would've the seizures then. He is adamant that I make use of the instant weight loss pills Topamax being a mood stabilizer just 25 2x on a daily basis. And states that I must commence losing the weight I attained though currently being constipated on the lortabs for thus extended. So I guess I'm inquiring your pro suggestions within the Topamax. Should I not be terrified to begin them at this reduced dose. And just let the lortabs go as Dr's Really don't really prefer to see me on them. I don't intellect I just want to start out experience far better.

H_Stein in case you take a b12 vitamine very morning detangling will cease just after some time it helps I have already been on topamax for For many years now my mom was the a single he led me to your miracle of b12

Lab0926 I had been supplied 50mg for weight loss. I have only been taking it for your number of weeks and the sole side result I've noticed is carbonated beverages style flat and have no taste.

Acquired meds. Finding again on Topamax did not help my weight loss. I'm at this time at 300 mg a day (split at one hundred fifty 2x day). The one other side effect I have "for sure" is definitely the tingling And that i knowledge that at each time my dose was amplified. Otherwise, now it's only Once i stand in one put far too very long, my ft will tingle. But no more luck to the weight loss. I am losing weight now, but it is no because of this meds. However, my link I discovered this write-up for the reason that I was researching however trying to find why I am tired all the time. Wanting to know now if it is this medicine ... currently being on it for so very long.

kmegahan Make sure you do take it.  Not everyone is similar.  My son has Persistent migraines.  Nothing at all worked in the least.  He has become on Topimax for just a yr and he has not experienced an individual migraine in that full time! ..demonstrate

I just began Topamax.  I am on 25mg/day and will boost by 25mg/week right up until I get to 100mg.  I heard the weightloss result depends upon the dose.  So, what dose did everyone below have their achievement?

AKM82686 Have you been using generic or title model, simply because now that you might have reported this I feel This can be why my hair is falling out. I actually don't want to prevent it however since I use it for epilepsy and it truly is actually working even with all the side effects!!!

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